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Adapted, Eric Jenkins, 30th April 2013, from The Northampton Mercury, 7th June 1879, page 3
NRO Ref: ZB 1478/415
Thomas Morris
Death From Choking, at Irchester 1879

An inquest was held on 3rd June 1879, before J. T. Parker, Coroner, at the Carpenters' Arms, Irchester, on view, the body of Thomas Morris, aged 51, labourer, of Irchester, who had been choked the previous day at his dub dinner.

Stephen George, labourer, Irchester: The deceased was a labourer, and we were members of the same club. We were holding our annual dinner, here at the Carpenters', yesterday. I sat next to the deceased. While he was eating some meat, I noticed him stretching out his neck, and twisting about, as if he had got something stuck in his throat. He stayed in the room for a minute, and then he was helped up from the table, and went out. He went by himself. I thought he had gone out to vomit.

Alexander Letts, shoemaker, Irchester: About half past one, yesterday, I was in the yard of the Carpenters'. I saw the deceased come out of the back door by himself. He seemed to be choking, and he staggered about. I went over to him, and tried to open his mouth, but he rolled down. I got him into the street, but he fell down. Some people ran for the doctor, but he died in the street before the doctor arrived.

Doctor J. B. Wright, Wellingborough: Yesterday, I was in the village at about half past one, and I was called to see the deceased. He was lying in the road, and he was quite dead. I had him carried home. On examination, I found, at the back part of his tongue, and at the top of his throat, this piece of meat [produced]. I have no doubt that the deceased was choked by it.


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