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Wellingborough News, 17th June 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins
Christopher Manning
Sad Case of Drowning at Raunds
On Tuesday last a youth named Christopher Manning, a labourer, aged 18 years, met his death whilst bathing in the river Nene, at this place. The inquest was held at the "Barber's Arms" on Thursday morning, before Mr. J. T. Parker, coroner, and particulars of the sad event will be gathered from the following evidence:—

Owen Nunley, landlord of the "Barber's Arms," and a carrier, deposed that on Tuesday evening he went with deceased and others to the river Nene, in the parish of Raunds, to bathe. He asked him before he went into the water if he could swim, but he did not reply. He saw him undress, and get into the water. He plunged in head first, as if he could swim, and he then got out, and plunged in again in a deeper place. As he struggled about, he called to him and asked him if he could swim. He did not reply, and as he was in difficulties witness jumped in and got near to him. He caught witness by the wrist, pulling him under the water. He then got his arm round witness's neck, and they both went down twice, the deceased having both arms right round him. A struggle ensued at the bottom, and on witness getting away deceased caught hold of his toe. Witness then managed to get out, being in an exhausted condition, and having to be helped out. Some boys called Aubrey Atkins, who came and dived in. Only one of those present could swim, and he only a little. Witness went in before deceased, and showed him the depth. He did all he could to get him out, and when he (witness) was helped to the bank he fainted.

Aubrey Atkins, shoemaker, said on Tuesday evening he was near the river, and was attracted by the splashing of water and some boys calling. He went and plunged in where they pointed out, and in about ten minutes found deceased. When got he appeared to be dead. They rubbed him well, but he did not revive.

Mr. R. E. Bowen, medical practitioner, Raunds, said he was called to see deceased on Tuesday, at half-past eleven, when he found him undressed and quite dead. He found no marks of violence on the body, and the appearances were those of death from drowning.

The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."

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