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Rushden Echo, 6th September 1912
Mr William Lewis
A Respected Resident – Boyhood in Rushden

A respected inhabitant of Wymington passed away on Friday in the person of Mr. William Lewis, at the age of 70 years. Mr. Lewis, who for 48 years was proprietor and landlord of the White Horse, Wymington, was well known in the hunting field, a sport to which he was passionately devoted. He spent most of his boyhood’s days in Rushden; he was a scholar in the Independent Wesleyan Sunday School and received a bible from that institution on his leaving there on Oct. 25th 1857. He afterwards became a Sunday School teacher in connection with the Succoth Baptist Chapel, Rushden, in which place of worship he also used to give out the hymns. When he took up his residence at Wymington Mr. Lewis became a regular attendant at the Parish Church, but of late years his increasing age prevented him from attending the services so frequently as he would have desired.

Deceased was a staunch Conservative and was one of the first members and a shareholder of the Rushden Conservative Club, and he was a member of the Wymington Conservative and Unionist Association. The deceased gentleman was greatly interested in philanthropic work, and by reason of his kindly nature and readiness to help anyone in need he was greatly beloved by the inhabitants of the village and district in which he resided and will be sorely missed. For quite twelve months previous to his death Mr. Lewis had been in failing health, and last winter he contracted severe bronchitis which affected his heart, and from which he never appeared to rally. For several weeks he was confined to his room and the end came very peacefully at 10.50p.m. last Friday, He leaves a widow, one son, and four daughters, all married and residing in the district. [an account of the funeral follows]

The funeral took place in Wymington churchyard. The coffin was of polished elm with brass fittings and bore the following inscription:-

William Lewis
Died August 30th 1912
Aged 70 years.

The Rev C. E. Drew (Rector) officiated. Mr. J. Smith (organist) presided at the organ and played the “Dead March” effectively. [a list of mourners, coaches, and wreaths follows]

The undertakers were Messrs. Whittington and Tomlin, of Rushden.

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