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Northampton Mercury, 1916, courtesy of Jon Abbott
Alice Elizabeth Groom

Shoe Operative’s Wife Cuts Her Throat

An inquest was held at the New Inn, Ringstead, on Wednesday, as to the death of Alice Elizabeth Groom, wife of Hessel Groom, a shoe operative, of Church-street, who was found dead with her throat cut on Tuesday morning. The husband stated that his wife, who was 38 years of age, had been confined to her bed for a week with a bad foot, which had to be attended to every four hours. He last attended to it at midnight on Monday. At four o’clock in the morning when he again woke, he missed his wife from bed, and on going downstairs found her lying on the floor with her throat cut and dead. There was a razor near her.

Dr. Halstead spoke of the shocking injuries the woman had sustained, and said he could only attribute her act to a fit of temporary insanity. When he saw her on Monday and lanced her foot she was quite cheerful. She was well looked after, and everything possible was done for her by her husband and others.

The jury returned a verdict of “Suicide whilst temporarily insane,” and handed their fees to the husband.

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