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Mr. Edwin Goosey

Wellingborough News, 3rd February 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE DEATH OF MR. EDWIN GOOSEY—A correspondent writes:—By the death of Mr. Edwin Goosey, of Wymington, the village has sustained a loss, of which, as yet, it can hardly realize the depth. After an active and energetic life of 67 years, 40 of which were spent at the Manor House, a severe cold turned to inflammation of the lungs, and terminated fatally in a few days. Mr. Goosey was a kind-hearted and much loved father, a generous and noble landlord, a just and good master, and an ever ready helper in the cause of right. With such qualities, his memory must always be held in the greatest respect and esteem. The funeral took place on Thursday, the 25th ult., when many neighbours and friends attended to pay a last tribute of respect to one they so highly esteemed. The service was read very impressively by the James Geldart, vicar of Podington. The chief mourners were nine of Mr. Goosey s children (with two chosen friends as representatives of his two absent sons), two grandchildren, six brothers and sisters, and numerous other branches of Mr. Goosey’s family. The handsome and massive coffin was borne to the grave by Mr. Goosey's servants, and deposited in the family vault, where the late Mrs. E. Goosey was interred 21 years ago.

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