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Wellingborough News, 8th August 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins
James Foster

MUFFLED PEAL—The late James Foster having been one of the Irchester ringers, his comrades met on Thursday evening (the day of the funeral) and rang "touches" of Grandsire with the bells deeply muffled as a token of respect to the memory of one who was a regular attendant at the belfry and formerly belonged to the choir. The following men handled the ropes:-

Treble, W. Law; 2nd S. B. Payne; 3rd (deceased's bell),T. Robinson; 4th A. Goosey; tenor, J. Craddock. It is many years since the plaintive music of muffled bells sounded out from Irchester spire. Wellingborough ringers kindly lent some of their muffles for the occasion.

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