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Adapted and transcribed, Eric Jenkins, March 2015, from The Northampton Mercury, 2nd December 1882, page 7
S. Fairey Cuthbert
An inquest was held on Monday, 4th December 1882, at the New Town Hall, Raunds, before J. T. Parker, Coroner, on view of the body of S. F. Cuthbert, ironstone labourer, aged 30, who committed suicide on Sunday, 3rd December, by drowning himself in a pond between Raunds and Hargrave.

William Cuthbert, uncle of the deceased: On Sunday afternoon, I was in a field called "Lampits" between Raunds and Hargrave belonging to Samuel Brown. I saw a man run up to a pond in the field, and jump in, head first. I thought it was my nephew by his cap, but I was not sure because he was about a hundred and fifty yards away. I ran to the pond at once, and waded in as far as I dared. I saw the man rise up, and I tried to catch hold of him, but I can't swim, and I couldn't reach him without going out of my depth. I ran to the nearest house and gave an alarm. I went back to the pond and saw the deceased got out. He had been in the water half an hour, and was quite dead. I had not spoken to him for about a month, and I know of no reason for his committing suicide.

Edward Britton, shoemaker, Raunds: I had a rope tied round me and went into the middle of the pond on a ladder, and I got the deceased out. He was quite dead. I last saw him alive the previous Saturday, and he seemed very different to what he usually is. He was out of spirits. Mr. Horn got the body out of the pond, and took it here to the New Town

Robert Coggins: I walked a little way on Sunday morning with the deceased. I remarked to him that he seemed low. He replied, "Yes. I have been in a good many straits, but never in such a one as I am in now." He said he had been on the road lately, and he heard his landlord say he should not stay any longer. After a short time, he said, "I shall drown myself tonight". I asked him if he had work, and he said he had. Later he said he need not hurry, and when he left me, he said he did not know where he was going. He seemed very depressed.

The widow of the deceased: I went to Ringstead on Sunday, and I expected him to meet me, but he did not. On returning in the evening, I was told that he had drowned himself.

The jury verdict was: "DROWNED HIMSELF WHILE IN TEMPORARY INSANITY". The funeral took place on Tuesday, 5th December 1882.

NRO Ref: ZB1478/592
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