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Mary Coles aged 84

Wellingborough News, 10th June 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

DEATH OF AN OLD INHABITANT—On Tuesday last considerable interest was excited by the funeral of the late Mrs. Mary Coles, aged 84, whose remains were interred in the parish churchyard by the Rev. W. Bull of Wellingborough. The deceased was the widow of the late Mr. Jonathan Coles, who died 29 years ago, since which time his widow had lived under the protection of her nephew, Mr. Charles Lucas. During Mr. Coles' life time he conducted services in a little Baptist Chapel on his own premises, and since his death they have also been occasionally held. The funeral was of a very impressive character and being the first Nonconformist service that has taken place in the churchyard, was attended by a good many persons. In the evening Mr. Bull preached in the old chapel to a good congregation from the words "To you that believeth He is precious."

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