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Adapted, Eric Jenkins, 2nd October 2012, from The Northampton Mercury, 14th September 1878, supplement, page 2,
George Clayton, aged five

An inquest was held by Coroner Parker, and a jury, at the New Inn, Ringstead, on Friday 30th August, 1878, to determine the cause of the death of George Clayton, aged five. The evidence given had the following story:

On Wednesday evening, 28th August, he had become lost in the harvest field at Ringstead. His sisters had charge of him, while they were gleaning, in a field on the farm of Mr. Chew. His father, Samuel Clayton was in another field, nearby, with other men, carting corn. At dinner time, the mother sent the father's dinner, and the little boy sat down and shared it. Then the father wrapped him up, and told him to lie down and go to sleep. Later Samuel went to the place, and the boy had gone. There was no alarm. It was supposed that he had awoken and gone home, or possibly gone to find blackberries. When dusk came, Samuel and other males and females went searching for him. They ransacked the fields until one a.m., but he was not found. Between five and six a.m., a pond was dragged, and he was pulled out of the water, evidently having fallen in, head first.

The jury verdict was "Found Drowned"

NRO Ref: ZB1478 368
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