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Northampton Mercury, 14th June 1895, courtesy of Jon Abbott
child Burgin
Death of a Child at Ringstead – The Doctor and the Midwife

An Inquest was held at the Axe and Compass Inn on Saturday morning, before Mr. J. T. Parker, coroner, touching the death of the infant child of Edward Burgin.—Ann Wells, midwife, wife of Thos. Wells, identified the body, and said she was called to attend Mrs. Burgin about five o’clock on Wednesday morning, and found that the child was born, and all appearances had been dead a considerable time, and partly decomposed. She called up Mr. Abbott and then went for the doctor, who, she stated, refused to come without an order. Witness also stated, in reply to the Coroner, that this was the woman’s fifteenth child. Eight children were living.—Eliza Abbott, living next door, stated that she was called up by Mrs. Wells, and that she found the child was dead, but did not notice anything else about it.—Joseph Bird, surgeon, Tharpston, stated that he was requested by Mrs. Wells to see the child with a view to certify the cause of death, and refused, having previously told Mrs. Wells that he would not follow her any more unless he had an order to do so, as he did not consider her competent to undertake such work. On the requisition of the Coroner, he had since see the child, and his opinion was that it was not fully developed, and that it had died previous to the birth.—The jury, of whom Mr. J. T. Knight was foreman, at once returned a verdict to the effect that the child was stillborn.

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