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Rushden Echo September 16th 1921, transcribed by Susan Manton
Mrs. Sophia Bettles

The Death took place on Monday of Mrs. Sophia Bettles at the advanced age of 93 years. Deceased who was the widow of Mr. John Bettles, was a native of Hinwick, and she died next door to the house in which she was born, while her father and mother passed away in the cottage in which she herself was brought into existence. Mr. Bettles died 30 years ago and from that time until she was 70 years of age she undertook maternity work in the neighbourhood. For 30 years or more she resided at Podington, and about three years ago she went to reside with her second son at Hinwick where she spent the remainder of her existence. Practically during the whole of her life she was associated with the Podington Independent Wesleyan Chapel, and she took an active part in the building of the present place of worship about 20 years ago. Deceased enjoyed remarkable good health until about a fortnight ago and she had the use of all her faculties, eye sight and hearing in particular being very good for one who had reached such an advanced age. Blessed with a good memory she would often talk of things which took place 60 or 70 and even 80 years ago and more. The funeral took place yesterday (Thursday), the Rev. C.J. Keeler, of Rushden, conducting the burial service in the chapel. The interment took place in the churchyard, and in the evening a memorial service as held in the chapel, Mr. Keeler officiating.

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