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Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth Baker

Wellingborough News, 27th January 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

FUNERAL—The funeral of Harriet Elizabeth, the widow of the late rector of Hargrave (the Rev. W. Lake Baker), and the mother of the present rector, who died at the rectory at Hargrave, on the 12th inst., took place on Friday afternoon last. The time appointed for the funeral was three o'clock, but long before this as the bell began to toll large numbers of the villagers might be seen wending their way to the churchyard to pay a last token of respect to one who was much loved and respected by all who knew her. The funeral procession started from the rectory at three o'clock. Amongst the mourners were the Rev. R. S. Baker, and other sons and daughters of the deceased, as well as some of the grandchildren, and other relations and friends. The coffin, which was of polished oak, with suitable mountings, was borne in front of the procession by six men. On arriving at the gate of the churchyard the tolling ceased, and the procession was met by Rev. N. B. Young, rector of Tilbrook, and the Rev. R. L. Watson, rector of Covington, and proceeded to the church, as the latter clergyman read the words "I am the resurrection and the life." The burial service was continued by the Rev. R. L. Watson reading one of the appointed psalms. Then the hymn "Rock of ages" was sung by the congregation after which the Rev. N. B. Young read the lesson, "Now is Christ risen from the dead." During the reading of this the rev. gentlemen was visibly affected and could scarcely proceed. After the lesson the congregation sang the hymn "The king of love my shepherd is." The procession then reformed, and the coffin was borne out of the church to its last resting place in the family vault, which is situated under the east end of the church. This is approached by a grave like opening from the churchyard, which was lined with branches of evergreens. Mr. Watson read the remaining portion of the service, and while standing round the grave the mourner's sang the hymn "Jerusalem my happy home." A last look was then taken by the mourners and the villagers, and the congregation dispersed.

Wellingborough News, 24th February 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE LATE MRS HARRIET ELIZABETH BAKER -The "Chelmsford Chronicle" says:—it will be seen by our obituary that an old native of Chingford passed away on the 12th ult., in her 88th year, in the person of Mrs. Harriett Elizabeth Baker, widow of the late Rev. W. L. Baker, rector of Hargrave, Northamptonshire, and mother of the present rector. She was the daughter of the Rev. Robert Lewis, 50 years rector of Chingford, who died in 1827. Old inhabitants will remember Harriet Lewis and her sisters, Jane, Mary, Phyllis, and Elizabeth, as young, lovely, and amiable girls—the pride of the forest-bordered village. Mrs. Baker was never tired of telling of the Chingford of her youth—how, for instance, as children, she and her sisters used to tremble in their beds at the time Napoleon was expected to land with an army on the Essex coast, a signal post being established on a hill in the parish to pasts on to London the dread news of a successful invasion. An elder sister of Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Jane Hinde, of Ilfracombe, is the only survivor of this group of sisters. In her 95th year, she is a picture of lovely old age. With mental faculties unimpaired and possessed or a good memory, she can recall the time when General Washington still lived. Mrs. Baker leaves behind her eight sons and daughters and many grandchildren, and a host of friends grieving for her loss. Mrs. Hinde was the mother of the late General Hinde, C.B., of Indian Mutiny renown. He commanded the King's Own on that occasion in numberless battles with the rebels. The Mary Lewis mentioned above married Mr. Thomas Williams, late of Rushden Hall, in the county of Northampton, and lies buried in the Parish Church of Rushden.

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