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Wellingborough & Kettering News 25/01/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

The Will of the Late Mr RW Arkwright

The late Mr Robert Wigram Arkwright of Knuston, Northampton, bequeaths to each of his three daughters, Maria Sophia Clare, Diana Laura, and Isabel Gertrude, an annuity of £50 whilst unmarried and not professed religious or member of a sisterhood bound by vows of the Roman Catholic Church. The testator bequeaths to his wife £500, and an annuity for her life of £700, in addition to other provisions made for her, and such furniture and household effects as she may choose. Subject to Mrs Arkwright's interest in them, the testator bequeaths certain portraits to his eldest son, Captain F Wigsell Arkwright; presentation pictures, a picture of his hounds recently given to him by Lord Charles Russell, the cups gained by them, and an epergne, to his son, Mr Herbert Robert Arkwright; and specific legacies to his other children. He appoints from a trust fund of £80,000 settled in 1864, £15,000 to Capt. F Wigsell Arkwright, upon whom £10,000 had already been settled; £17,000 to each of his sons Herbert, Robert, and Julius, but with the condition in each case that the appointee should not have become a Roman Catholic in the testator's life time; and £5,000 each to his daughters, Mary Sophia Clare and Isabel Gertrude, to be reduced to £2,000 to either who should have become a professed religious or joined a sisterhood of the Roman Catholic Church. The residue of the trust fund the testator appoints to his son Herbert Robert, and he bequeaths from his own residuary estate £5,000 to his daughter Diana Laura, and if one or more of his sons or daughters should, by joining the Roman Catholic Church in the testator's lifetime, have become disentitled to the appointed share of the settled trust fund, such share is to be made up of his estate, the ultimate residue of which he leaves to his son Herbert Robert, the value of the personalty being £31,524.

Robert Arkwright was also Master of the Oakley Hunt for more than 30 years, retiring in 1885. He was a great grandson of Richard Arkwright, inventor of a spinning frame.

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