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Raunds War Memorial

A Memorial tablet stands inside the church, recording 100 names, and it was unveiled in May 1920. The Memorial in the churchyard was unveiled in October 1921 and records 107 names.
Church and War Memorial
Raunds Church & War Memorial
A panel of the Roll of Honour
A panel of the Roll of Honour
To Its Honoured Dead
'They were a wall unto us both by day and by night'
H Allen
J S Allen
W Andrews
F Angood
G Archer
J Archer
R Archer
J Ashby
F Bailey
T Ball
J H Bamford
T W Bamford
C Barrett
H Bates
J Bond
W Bottoms
S Brayfield
A Bugby
H Bugby
A Burrows
A Burton
C Burton
W Chambers
A Clark
A Clark
C J Clark
J W Clark
R Cobley
J J Coles
L W Coles
J Cooper
F Cuthbert
W Damms
R Driver
E Ellingham
J W Elliot
A L Fairy
H Finding
G B Flavell
R Frankham
S O George
J S Gilbert
A R Groom
W H Groom
H F Gunn
G H Hall
J Haxley
A Hazeldine
B Heath
J B Higby
R Higby
T H Keeley
A Knighton
J Lawman
W E Lawman
A March
N H Mason
A Masters
L W Minkley
C Mills
W Moule
F Norris
H Nunley
L B Nunley
S F Nunley
G Orton
E Parker
W Payne
J Pentelow
J Pentelow
R Pentelow
H Price
C Reynolds
H Rice
W Richards
W E Richards
H Richardson
C Robins
H Robinson
F H Shrives
P Smith
R Smith
S Smith
W J A Smith
J Spicer
C H Spriggs
E Stringer
P E Stubbs
G W Thurlow
C A Vorley
F Warner
P Watson
A Webb
E Webb
G Webb
G H Webb
J A Webb
A Wheatley
E White
F A White
G J Whitmore
L Whitney
E Wood
E Wood
Not on the War Memorial

Roll of Honour
F A Abbott
F C Bailey
C J G Clarkson
I Coles
J Cuthbert
C Dudley
E C Duffy
D Eaton
C E Eyles
B G Hall
W Hall
E Hastings
K R Johnson
W W Kitchener
L M Morris
R Parkinson
B T Partrick
H Pentelow
H Prentice
H Rice
A E Richardson
R A Saunders
J Sheffield
J Tansley
D R A Walker
L K Webb
H B Wheatley
L A York
R York

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