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Society of Friends

Another disused burial ground belongs to the Society of Friends (commonly known as Quakers) in Thorpe-street, fenced in by a wall with a door leading into the street. I suppose it will always be in their hands; money could not buy it. The names are recorded in their books of those interred there. After the Quakers vacated the Meeting House, it was occupied by Mr John Sanders, currier and leather merchant, who also had a grocery business in a house adjoining, which is standing to-day with the letter box let in the wall. I well remember the Meeting House when in possession of Mr Sanders. His sons were my schoolmates. I have been in it many times; it would seat from 150 to 200, and my father went to the meetings. In 1880 it was demolished, and four cottages now stand on the site, the end one of which is the graveyard. [extract from a 1932 report]

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