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Raunds - outing

Wellingborough & Kettering News 22/08/1890, transcribed by Peter Brown

Employees’ Excursion — On Monday the employees of Messrs. J. K. Nichols and Son, army boot and shoe contractors, had their annual outing and went by the Midland Company’s excursion to Yarmouth and Lowestoft for a day at the seaside. A great number also went by the same excursion, about 200 starting from Raunds station at 6am., arriving at their destination about 11, where a pleasant day was spent, the party returning at midnight. — The same day the employees of Mr. Owen Smith, army boot and shoe contractor, had their outing and chose for their destination Blackpool, on the opposite coast. Starting from Raunds station at 4am., after a long and tedious ride of 9½ hours, the excursionists got to the end of their journey at 1.30pm. About 5 hours by the side of the briny ocean terminated their visit to Blackpool, and another 8 hours ride landed them safely at home, tired and weary of the journey, as well they might be, as a day’s outing in which about 17 hours of it one is boxed up in a railway carriage is not a most agreeable diversion, and most likely will prompt the excursionists to select a different place in future.

Wellingborough News, 26th September 1902, transcribed by Kay Collins

Raunds - Outing—The employees of the firm of Mr. J. Kinngsmith, army contractor, had their annual outing to Yarmouth on Monday and spent a pleasant day by the side of the "briny ocean." The party numbered between 70 and 80.

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