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Woodbine Working Men’s Club
Rushden Echo, 2nd September 1910, transcribed by Peter Brown

Flower Show at Raunds

The annual flower show of the Woodbine Working Men's Club, Raunds, was held on Saturday. The entries, 800, showed a great increase on last year.

The committee were:—Messrs E Batchelor (president), A Webb, H Cox, J Pell, J Allen, and J Green, with Mr W F Lawrence again as the able hon secretary.

The judges were Mr W H Howe, Wellingborough, and Mr T Wilmott, Rushden.

The prize winners in the open class were J Pursglove (Chelveston), E Langford (Rushden), N Nickolson (Hargrove), J Pell, C Childs (Rushden), W Hanwell (Chelveston), F Curtis (Stanwick), W Allen, G Lee, F Bugby, A Eaton, W O Lawrence, A Young (Finedon) C Barker (Stanwick), E Hazeldine, B Mayes, W Agutter, T Gates (Hargrave), R Smith, G Matthews, W Underwood, F Allen.

Winners in Class B (members of the club)—J Pell, J Beach, W Cripps, S Johnson, T Peer, O Lawrance, W Lack, F Feary, F Tidbury, J Green, W Dicks, G Tebbutt, A Attley, W Vorley, H Reynolds. Special (by Mr A Batchelor) for most points—J Beach.

Class C was open to Cottagers in Raunds. A weight-guessing competition was won by W Vorley.

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