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Irchester - Lists from the 1640s

Irchester has some interesting lists of names dating from the 1640s.

1. The first one is in the Baker Manuscripts in the Fermor Hesketh Collection (R.O. ref FH Baker 703) and it is a list of men paying money as a loan to Parliament, between July & December 1643. The catalogue listing is:-

An account book recording daily receipt of money between 20 July and about 20 Dec 1643 from inhabitants of villages all over the county apparently equivalent to a tax of a 25th. With analysis of same daily entries by parishes by hundreds in the East or West Divisions. The names are not those of gentry or clergy.

The sale catalogue listing, when the book was purchased by auction for the RO:-

1. A list dated 20th July 1643 of about 6000 persons in Northamptonshire who were lenders of money to Parliament, with places of residence and amounts.
2. List of the same persons arranged under hundreds and parishes.
3. List of persons, sums and place headed “Northt’ townes. xviii Julii 1643.

Lenders were to be repaid with interest at 8 per cent.

2. The second is found in an Irchester Parish Account Book (R.O. ref BS+L Box 3822B 177P/E/Ir.B1) and it is men "promising to defend the Protestant Religion of the Church of England". It is in two lists, one made on July 11 1641 and the other on March 24 1643. Written on the following pages preceeding the names:-

p.341 I A B doe in the presence of Almighty god promise vow and protest to maintain and defend as far as lawfully I may, with my life power & estate, the true Reformed Protestant Relligion expressed in the doctrine of the Church of England, against all Popery and Popish Innovations within this Realme contrary to the same doctrine and according to the duty of my Allegiance His Magesties Royall Person, Honour and Estate; As also the power and Priviledges of Parliament; The Lawfull Rights and Liberties of the Subjects & Every Person that maketh this Protestation, in whatsoever he shall do in the lawfull persuance of the same. And to my power and as far as lawfully I may I will oppose and by all good waies and meanes indeavour to bring to condigne punishment all such as shall either by force, practise Counsels, Plots, Conspiracies or otherwise, do any thing to the contrary of any thing in this present Protestation contained. And further that I shall in all just & honorable waies indeavour to preserve the Union & Peace between the three Kingdomes of England Scotland and Ireland. And neither for hope, fear, nor other respect shall relinquish this Promise, Vow and Protestation.

This above written Protestation which was made by the Members of the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament May 3 1641 and by Order of the same House on the 5 of May directed to be sent into the severall shires of this Kingdome, was taken by us the inhabitants of
Irchester in the County of Northampton July 11 1641 whose names are underwritten.

p.345 A Solemn League and Covenant for Reformation and defence of Relligion, the Honour and happinesse of the King and the peace & safety of the three kingdomes of England Scotland and Ireland. (it is followed by a two and half page writing of the Covenant)

3. From the same book.

p.348 We whose names are underwritten the Inhabitants of Irchester do subscribe unto the Covenant above written Mar 24 1643.

The first man to sign in the list on page 348, is Tho JENYSON, who adds "subscribeth as far as he doeth or shall conceive it in his conscience to be agreeable to the word of God".

In the last list many of the men make their mark "x" and the rest signed "s".

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