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Irchester Wesleyan Chapel

Wellingborough News, 23rd June 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

IRCHESTER—PRESENTATION—At a meeting held in the Wesleyan Schoolroom, last Tuesday evening, a Bible was presented to Mr. John Jolly, who, on the 23rd inst. leaves this locality for Queensland. Within the Bible is an inscription expressive of the esteem of the Wesleyan friends for him, and of their sincere wish for his future prosperity. Mr. and Mrs. Jolly have for many years been members of society, and their son and daughter connected with the school, and all are likely to be of good service to any with whom they may mingle in a distant part of the world.

Wellingborough News, 14th July 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

IRCHESTER - WESLEYAN CHAPEL—On Sunday last two excellent sermons were preached in the Wesleyan Chapel of the above place, by Mr. Wm. Smith, of Wellingborough, who is now the oldest preacher among the Wesleyans in this circuit.

Wellingborough News, 18th August 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

IRCHESTER - WESLEYAN CHAPEL—The subject of the proposed enlargements has been postponed for two months, so that the wishes of the congregation may be more fully ascertained and met.

Wellingborough News, 8th November 1884, transcribed by Kay Collins

Re-Opening Services
The accommodation in connection with the above place of worship, and adjoining school premises having for some time past been quite inadequate to the requirements of the large and increasing number of scholars attending the Sunday School, an enlargement and various improvements have just been effected. Previous to the alterations several of the Sunday school classes were obliged to meet in the Chapel, and notwithstanding the enlargement of the school it is still expected that with over 300 scholars it will be necessary to use for school purposes the commodious galleries designed to accommodate seventy boys and the same number of girls, which have been erected on either side of the Chapel. Owing to the enlargement of the schoolroom new furniture has been procured, and additional new lamps have been suspended over the new galleries. The Chapel, schoolroom, and out offices, have also undergone a thorough renovation, the decorations, painting, and varnishing, having been executed by Mr. W. Spencer, of Rushden; the woodwork by Mr. S. Hardwick, Irchester, and the masonry by Mr. T. Berrill, of Mears Ashby. The total cost of the improvements is estimated at about £300, of which including the collection on Sunday £200 has been realised. The burden of the preliminary work has fallen upon the following energetic committee:—Messrs. C. Lilley (chairman), P. Parsons, J. Letts (treasurer), S. Parsons, E. Parsons, S. George, A. Kemshed, and J. Hayes (secretary).

On Sunday last at the re-opening services there were large congregations throughout the day. The pulpit was occupied by the Rev. J. Bailey, (Wellingborough), who at the morning service congratulated the friends at Irchester upon the enlargements, and prayed that the cause might continue to be a blessing to the entire village, and that they might experience a revival of God's work. They had, he said, some very good Chapels in the Circuit, and he was glad that at Irchester there would be an increased measure of comfort for the worshippers. The service in the morning opened with the hymn "High above every name," followed by prayer. The lessons were chosen from Daniel iii. and 2 Timothy iii., "Saviour Thy dying love," (Sankey), was given in harmony by the choir. "Thou hidden love of God whose height," having been sung, the Rev. J. Bailey took as his text John xiv. 1, 2, 3, upon which he based an able discourse. "Oh thou to whose all searching sight," was then sung, and a collection was made, which amounted to £4 2s. 7¼d. The children's service in the afternoon was largely attended by scholars and parents. In the evening the Chapel was well filled, and a very hearty service was held. The text at this service was taken from Luke xix. 41, 42. At the conclusion of the sermon the choir gave a rendering of the anthem, "The earth is the Lord's." Miss B. Ratcliffe presided at the organ. The services throughout the day were considered very successful. The collection at the afternoon service was 9s. 1½d., and in the evening £3 9s. 9½d., total for the day £8 1s. 6¼d.

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