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Irchester Railway Station

Irchester Railway Station Knuston Avenue
This postcard is Irchester Station - looking towards Knuston and Rushden
A very similar view titled Knuston Avenue, Irchester c1900

Wellingborough News, 18th November 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

Irthlingborough Highway Board - An ordinary meeting of this Board took place on Wednesday, when there were present Mr. J. W. Watts (in the chair), the Rev. Canon Barker, and Messrs. Wykes, Turnell, Everett, Coales, Walker, Thompson, Woolston, Newett, and Nunnely.

The Midland Railway Station at Irchester
The Surveyor called the attention of the Board to the fact that the Midland Railway Company were building the railway station at Irchester on the bridge, and this he considered would be an obstruction. He had written to the company on the subject, and had received a reply to the effect that the road would be 30 ft. wide, and they proposed to set the booking office back 6ft., giving a total width of 36ft.—Mr. Turnell said he had seen the place alluded to. He thought it would be much better for the public than at present, and would be a grand improvement.—The Rev. Canon Barker thought the Company should provide a space where carriages could stand without coming on to the public road. After some further discussion, Mr. Coales proposed, and the Rev. Canon Barker seconded, that a letter be sent to the Company by the Clerk, asking them to consider the question of giving more space for vehicles on their own ground.
Extract - see full report under Rushden

ststion & bridge
Station and Bridge

Wellingborough & Kettering News 14/03/1890, transcribed by Peter Brown

At the last meeting of the Raunds Parochial Committee, it was decided to communicate with Messrs Beale & Co., of London, the Parliamentary agents of the Midland Railway Company, as to the advisability of calling a town meeting in support of the bill when before Parliament. Messrs. Beale & Co. were accordingly communicated with, and the following reply has just been forwarded Mr. J. Gant, the local secretary:—“Dear Sir, Midland Railway Bill, (Irchester and Raunds Branch). Referring to your letter of the 28th January, we are glad to inform you that the Irchester and Raunds Branch is not opposed in the House of Commons, and consequently no public support of the scheme will be necessary, as for unopposed lines Parliament accepts the evidence of railway managers as sufficient.—We are, Sir, yours truly, BEALE & Co., London.'' The Bill is therefore practically safe, as no opposition could be lodged against it after the end of February.

The Rushden Echo, 20th January 1928, transcribed by Kay Collins

IrchesterSeven Trucks of a goods train were derailed on the permanent way, during shunting operations, near the main line station on Saturday. No one was hurt and only slight damage was done to the permanent way. A breakdown gang quickly prevented the danger of a hold up of the main-line traffic.

Paul Wright with Bill Brown
Picture of Paul Wright and Bill Brown (former signalman) in 1987
inside the signal box at Irchester.
If you have memories to share, please contact us

At the other end of the parish stands Little Irchester station

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