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Irchester - St John Ambulance

Undated newsclip 1985

Steven, Pat and Paul
Eleven-year-old Steven Barham is shown breathing equipment by St John members Pat Seebonn and Paul Harley.
Group pin hopes on display

A SHOPPING centre display is expected to help the ailing Irchester St John Ambulance group.

Its members are in so much demand, extra recruits are needed and the divisional superintendent, Mr Dennis Fenn, is hopeful Saturday's display in the Arndale Centre, Wellingborough, did the trick.

Shoppers had a chance to see the wide range of activities the division gets up to, including home nursing, first aid and emergency treatments.

Mr Fenn said: "We are hoping people who have shown an interest in the display will come and join us.

"It is a very time-consuming but satisfying activity." He said the Irchester combined division has just 16 names on its register and its resources are stretched.

The area commissioner, Mrs Joyce Green, said: "Irchester is a small but very active division. It works marvellously well but it would be nice to share the load." Anyone who is interested can attend the Ambulance room in High Street, Irchester, on Thursday evenings — 6.30pm for cadets and 8pm for adults.

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