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Wartime - Hargrave

Rushden Echo & Argus, 9th June 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins

Hargrave Revels - Whole Week's Effort for Red Cross

Hargrave Red Cross Committee consisting of members of the Council and of the Youth Squad, are to be congratulated upon their special week's effort—from May 27th to June 3rd—as a result of which £140 has been sent to the Red Cross. The week opened with a garden fete, held in the beautiful grounds of Hargrave Hall, which had been lent by Sir Kenneth Murchison. Mrs Wade, of Dean, declared the fete open.

A fancy dress parade walked through the village to the Hall, there to be judged by Mr. Willis, County Youth Organiser, Mrs. Brown, of Covington, and Miss Robinson, of Northampton. The prize winners were: "Man in the Moon," Geraldine Stedmond; "Victorian Girl,'' Ann Slough; "Syd Walker," Bryan York; "War Savings," Colin Smith: "Pirate," William Barley: "John Bull," Dennis Mitchell; "Make do and Mend," Joyce Rutherford; "Fencer," Dorothy Wilson; "Paper Doll." Heather Rutherfood; "April Showers," Dot Sanson; "Rag and Bones," John Williams; "Bisto Kids," Marlene and Terry York; " Britannia and Liberty," Pat Stedmond and Denise Williams; "Red Cross Nurse and Patient," Mr. W. Bettles and Mr. H. Hills.

There were sideshows in the Hall grounds, and a palmist and a fortune teller were busy amusing the ladies. Tea was held in a marquee in the Rectory Field, kindly lent by the Rector, Canon P. G. Tibbs. In the evening a whist drive was held in the School and dancing in the marquee. On Monday, May 29th. a concert and social took place in the marquee.

On Wednesday a whist drive was held in the marquee. The last day of the week saw a whist drive in the School, followed by dancing.

The ladies of the village deserve special mention for providing excellent refreshments. The committee consisted of Mr. E. Smith (Chairman), Mr. W. Bettles (treasurer), Mrs. Stedmond (secretary), the Rev. P. G. Tibbs, Miss Price, Mr. T. Gates, Mr. H. Gore, Mr. E. Gore, Mr. C. Smudden, Mr. E. Horn, Miss J. Bettles, Miss E. Bettles and Miss E. Dunn.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 14th July 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins

Book Drive—Hargrave Church School collected 3,400 books. Kathleen Shaw, aged 5, collected 320, so 50 per cent of the schoolchildren attained the rank of “Field Marshall.”

Salute The Soldier week began with a “mile” of pennies organised by the Youth Squad when £3 was realised. On Saturday a social was held, £18 5s being realised. On Wednesday next there will be a whist drive in the School. To-night a demonstration of war equipment is being given by the U.S.A.F.F. (by kind permission of the Colonel-in-charge) in the Rectory field. A cinema van will also visit Hargrave. On Saturday a whist drive and dance will close the week. All proceeds will be invested in the Hargrave Benevolent Fund which aims to give each member of the Forces a present as a mark of appreciation.

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