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Old Coaching Inns, Hotels and Public Houses
High Street
College Street
North End
Queens Head
Old Red Cow
Saracen's Head
The Wharf
White Hart

Landlords in pubs in and around Higham. Researched by Adrian Perkins 2011

1750 10 Innkeepers
1751 13 Innkeepers

1752 A list of landlords obtaining licence to serve ale in the borough.
Ann & Robert Sanders
William Wood
Edward Bridgman
Mary Pully
Thomas Sanders
Edward Alearn
Thomas Stratton
William Patric
Zachariah Smith
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown The George Inn
Mary Pully The Horseshoe Inn
John Forward The White Horse
William Thomas The Griffins Head
Robert Sanders & Thomas Mason The Green Dragon
Zachariah Smith The White Heart
William Wood The Queens Head
Sources: Kelly's Directory held at the NRO, and Higham Ferrers Court Books, one for 1724 – 1747 (NRO Ref: ML4583) and one for 1749 – 1779 (NRO Ref: ML4584)

The swan sign
The old signs remain
The swan now called JJ's
The Swan is now called JJ's - 2011
The Swan - Landlords
Jane Lawrence
John Sanderson
John Lamb
George Kilsby
Herbert Lines
Mrs Annie Lines
Cyril Gould
Neville Yates
Robet Roffey
Peter Bain

In 1882 the old Swan was burned down and subsequently was rebuilt on the same site.

The Swan public house been renamed several times since 1981

Wellingborough & Kettering News 13/09/1889, transcribed by Peter Brown

Higham Ferrers Brewster Sessions
The annual licensing session for the borough was held on Monday last, before Mr. J. Wilkinson, (in the chair), Mr. H. Sartoris, Mr. G. Wyman (Mayor), and Mr. E. B. Randall.

DRUNK-Thos. Reynolds, was charged with being drunk in the borough on the 12th inst. at two a.m. Defendant admitted the charge, and was fined 5s. and 6s. 6d. costs, or 14 days.

This being the day for the renewal of the licenses, Mr. J. T. Parker, of Wellingborough, asked the permission of the Bench to make a statement. He said he appeared on behalf of the licensed victuallers of the town, to state they had recently considered their position and had determined to keep their houses open until 11 o'clock. He had no application to make as the law was definite, and when they consulted him he was surprised they had not done so before, and he could not seewhy he need be engaged, but they did not wish to take the Licensing Committee or the police by surprise, and as an act of courtesy to the committee who they looked up to as their masters and leaders in this matter, they wished him to give this notice to the committee and the public. As he said before he had no application to make the law stating they should keep open a certain number of hours, and if they did not they were liable. For supposing a man called between 10 and 11 o’clock and wanted a bed and refreshments, they would be liable if the houses were closed and the landlord refused to serve him. There was a necessity for the houses being open until eleven, as many of their customers requested them to do it, and besides this they had meetings that they could not close at 10 o’clock. He thanked the Bench for allowing him to give the notice.—Mr Owen Parker, as the representative of the Church of England Temperance Society, said he could not oppose, as no application had been made, neither did he contest the legality of the steps taken by Mr. J. T. Parker, but he wished to protest against the extra time as it could only be productive of great evils.—Mr. S. Pack, on behalf of the Wesleyan Temperance Society, wished to endorse the remarks of Mr. Parker, and on behalf of that society to protest against the extra hours. The Chairman said they had no choice in the matter. The law allowed the houses to be kept open until 11, so that the Bench would merely make a note of the notice without giving an opinion.

Renewals—There being no complaints against the Houses, the licenses were all renewed.

The Queens Head in 1914
The Queens Head in 1914
In 1851 Joseph Lamb had applied for a certificate to use a room at
The Queen’s Head Inn for non-conformist religious meetings.

1970s 'Admat' (beermat)

The sign In 2010
The Queens Head in 2010

High Street
The Chequers Inn hanging sign marked ^ was kept by
Charles and Veni Cox from about 1875 to 1919

Formerly the White Hart
Formerly the White Hart - now a private residence

c1920 c1910
c1920 Allsop's Burton Ales & Stout
Griffin in 2010
The Griffin in the 1950s
The Griffin in 2010

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