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Bozeat names

Whilst researching my own family history, I was frustrated by the loss of the early register in the great fire of 1728. I set about trying to discover as many Bozeat people mentioned in other parish records, books and documents as I could. These are the records searched (in the early 1990s) and the names extracted from them.

One removal and an indemnity document were found during other research in Bedfordshire. These would have been duplicates of documents in the parish chest at Bozeat, again lost in the fire. A copy of the one for the Taylor family, found at Cardington, was then deposited at Northamptonshire Record Office.

I also read all the wills made by Bozeat inhabitants, held in the Northamptonshire Record Office, and duly extracted all the names. The index of people named in Bozeat testators’ wills also contains notes added by Henry Isham Longden in his published volumes of indexes of Northampton Archdeaconry Administrations held at NRO. Other documents filed with the wills may also be included. See also Probate records.

Strays: Some are from indexes written by Henry Isham Longden in his extensive collection of ledgers, (in which he listed marriages of many parishes, some out of county) also deposited at NRO. Others are from Bedfordshire registers.

This helped me with just two families – but I hope these lists may help someone else. Kay Collins

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