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Rushden Argus, 2nd January 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins
Bozeat's Year 1913

So far as Bozeat is concerned, during the year just come to a close the shoe manufacturers' offices have been in a healthy condition.

At the present time there are three shoe factories in the village, and during the past few months each has been enlarged and re-arranged. The old paraffin lamps have been "scrapped" and the factories are now lighted in two cases by electric light and in the other by gas produced on the premises. There has been no short time of any account, and overtime has often been resorted to. The lift-making industry, which employs a large number of women and girls, has also been, in a very satisfactory condition.

The railway goods traffic, being now confined to the one line, has certainly been to the disadvantage of the traders generally, and hopes are entertained that in the near future the village may again be served by the two companies.

During the autumn the advantage of the telephone has been brought through from Wollaston. Another step in the march of progress has been the opening of a branch of the London City and Midland Bank.

The year has seen several changes amongst the tenant farmers, and from an agricultural standpoint 1913 has been an average one, the hay crop being exceptionally good.

Death has robbed the village of one of its best known and most respected residents, in the person of Mrs. W. C. Drage, a victim to the terrible cancer. Quite a number of others, old and young, who were familiar figures, have passed away, including the oldest inhabitant; Mr. W. Drage, of Hope-street, in his 91st year.

At one time it was quite expected that the vicar, the Rev. C. B. Jennings, M.A., would be leaving in the early autumn, but other arrangements were made, and he still remains. Unfortunately the local corps of the St. John Ambulance Brigade has disbanded for the present, owing to lack of numbers. A local branch of the National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives has recently been formed.

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