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Bozeat Village

The name is thought to come from the fine spring water - "Beau jet", or the Saxon Earl Bosa's gate. There have been many spellings, such as Bosyate, Bosgate, Bosiate, Bozet. The church dates from the early 12C.

St Mary's Church, Bozeat

The Great Fire of 1729
Be it known to succeeding ages that on Tuesday, the Ninth Day of September, Anno 1729, a Sudain and Violent Fire broke out in the Parish of Bozeate about Two of the Clock after Noon at one Widow Keech's; who was baking upon the hearth in a poor house amongst the Church Yard houses. Which in the space of Three or Four hours (with a strong Wind) consumed Fourty One Dwelling houses besides all out Buildings (not Five Shillingsworth of useful Timber Saved). Four farms were burnt with the full crops of Harvest; and Great Quantitys of Household Goods: The Bell Frames were Twice on Fire. The whole Loss Amounting to Near Four Thousand Pounds. Blessed be God there were no Lives Lost, nor any body hurt amidst so great Danger. And Whereas the Vicarage House was Burnt with the Register Books, I, Thomas Drake (above Twenty One Years Vicar of this Parish) Having quitted this for another Living To my successor Mr Humphry Bradford: But having not removed my Family and Goods, became a Considerable Sufferer in this Dismal Fire. And Having My Children's Memory (by Margaret my Wife) destroyed in the Said Regester. We have here prefixt their Names and Given this Regester Book to the Parish for a Memorial.

C John Drake Baptised March ye 4th 1711-12
C Mary Drake Baptised February ye 2nd 1712-13
C Thomas Drake Baptised October ye 30th 1715
D John Drake Buryed July 12 1717
C John Drake Baptised June 24 1718
D John Drake Buryed September 17 1718
C Margaretta Drake Baptised October 2 1719
D Margaretta Drake Buryed January 14 1719-20
C Marthe Drake Baptised December 11th 1721
C John Drake Baptised November 28th 1724
D John Drake Buryed December 16th 1724

Allso out of Respect to the above said Parish in which we so long lived (Humbly desiring that our Family's bones may not be Moved in the Middle Isle) We give a Black Cloath for Buryalls: The Poor of Bozeate to have the use of it Gratis upon such occasions. And those that can afford it to give the Parish Clerk (for his Care and Trouble which he must by no means omit) Six Pence to be paid him at the delivery of the Cloath (or else not to deliver it) He to keep it well Dryed, brushed and clean. Those that are able and not willing to pay, to have no use of it: And who are able and who not to pay - to be at the Discretion of the Vicar only. Lastly our will is that the Cloath be not lent nor let out to any other Parish: and God Bless and Preserve this Parish: So Prayeth Thomas Drake and Margaret his Wife".

N.B. Our desire is that in Case of any infectious distemper whereof ye Vicar shall be ye judge the Pall shall not be lent. Thos. Drake. [for more see Bozeat Church]

High Street The Square
View down High Street to the Square
Right is the Red Lion Public House.
The Square c1910 School house left, Wesleyan Chapel centre.
The shop is Thomas Robinson's "grocer, provison & grindery dealer"

The Wesleyan Chapel
The Wesleyan Chapel

The old school Entrance to the Infants
The School built in 1873 is now a house, and stands on Camden Square. Beneath the bell tower was the entrance to the Infant school.

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