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Podington Air Base
A A F 109

The dance ticket below has prompted Richard Orloff to share some of his late father's photographs with us.

Dances were held at the American airbases and the local girls were invited
A dance ticket
A dance reservation card kept with this ticket declares
"An Evening's Fun with the 1755th Ordnance Supply and Maintenance Co. Avn." The card lists the staff:-

Squadron Staff
Capt M A Armstrong

1st Lt. H W Shelp

1st Lt. G H Orloff

1st Lt. R E O'Connor

1st Lt. C R Southern

1st Sgt. R J Beauchemin

T/Sgt. W B Belekewicz

S/Sgt. H P Bartkowski

Sgt. M De Santis

Pfc. M. Flaherty

Col. J W Wilson

Lt-Col. R P Riordan

Maj. W V Croak

Capt. M W Stevenson

Dance Ticket from 1945

1755th Ordnance S & M Co Officers
My dad was Lieutenant Colonel George H. Orloff, who died in May 2011 aged 95. Your website gave me all their initials on the dance ticket. But I can add some details. From left to right: Lt. Bob O’Connor, Lt. George Orloff (my dad), Captain Milt Armstrong, Lt. “Chick” Shelp, and Lt. Southern, whose nickname was “Colonel” according to the notes my dad wrote on the back of the photo, which was taken 10 December 1944 at Podington. Some other photos are attached, too, that I hope you will enjoy.

Richard Orloff, USA

Unknown group Garage

George with others - probably at Podington

George Orloff by the Ordnance Garage

New jacket Workshop
George Orloff in a new battle jacket & Lt Fishman Feb 1944
George Orloff, McCormack & Selkie 1944/5

92nd Bombardment group memorial details
Erected on the approach road to the airfield - now Santa Pod
Details of the memorial erected July 3rd 1999

The Airbase

If you have any memories or pictures to share with us please contact us

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