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James Harris

Rushden Echo, 8th December 1922, transcribed by Kay Collins

James Harris, Deceased
Persuant to 22 and 23 Vic. Chapter 35

All persons having any claims against the estate of James Harris the Elder late of Newton Bromswold in the county of Northampton Framer (who died on the 9th day of October 1922 and whose Will was proved by the Public Trustee the sole Executor therein named in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of His Majesty’s High Court of Justice on the 10th day of November 1922) are required to send particulars of such claims to the undersigned on or before the 20th day of January 1923 after which date the estate will be distributed.

Dated this 5th day of December 1922

Simpson & Mason
Solicitors to the Executor
135 High Street

James was buried in Rushden Cemetery Grave B841:-
In loving memory of Fanny dearly beloved wife of James HARRIS of Newton Bromswold who died at Nottingham August 12th 1892 aged 36 years. In the midst of life we are in death. In loving memory of James HARRIS of Newton Bromswold died Oct 9th 1922 aged 68 years. Peace perfect peace.

Extract from Rushden Memories: Mr James Harris, farmer, did a good service to the community during the war when the country was threatened with a potato famine. He noticed that a number of such plots were not being used—probably because the people who had always claimed the ground were unable to cultivate the plots in the absence of the menfolk. Mr Harris thereupon bought the plots from the owners at agreed prices and ploughed up the ground and planted it. Further, Mr Harris gave the plots for the free use of his tenants when things became normal again.

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