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Rushden Echo, 3rd January 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins
Doris Rita Barnett

Painful Fatality Near Rushden

Child Burned to Death at Newton Bromshold

A little girl named Doris Rita Barnett, the 2½ year old child of Mr J Barnett, of Newton, Near Rushden, was on Tuesday playing in the house with another little girl, aged 3½ years, when by some means the older one set alight a piece of paper and the clothing of the younger one caught fire. The child ran out into the street, and her screams brought assistance, but not before she was so badly burned that she died from the effects a few hours later.

The Inquest

Yesterday, Mr J Cairns Parker held an inquest at Newton Bromshold.

The evidence showed that whilst the mother was in the back yard for a moment the child, who was left with another a year and half older, apparently got playing with the fire (which was protected by a guard) and thus set her clothing alight. The little one ran into the yard and a neighbour (Mrs Onions), by wrapping a rug round her, extinguished the flames, but the poor child was so badly injured that she died during the afternoon.

Dr Greenfield (Rushden), who was called in, said the case was hopeless from the first.

Verdict: “Accidental Death”.

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