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Rushden Echo & Argus, 16th February 1951, transcribed by Kay Collins
Robert Harry Lines

Inquest on Newton Bromshold man
The East Northants Coroner (Capt. J. S. Parker) recorded a verdict of accidental death on Robert Harry Lines an 82-year-old Newton Bromshold retired farm worker, who died on Saturday, at the inquest at the Swan Inn, Newton Bromshold, on Monday.

Evidence was given by Mr. Lines' son, Mr. William Henry Lines, that his father had a fall on January 30th, and another on the following day.

Dr. Lean (Rushden) told the Coroner that Mr. Line hurt his leg but there was no evidence of a fracture. In his opinion death was due to bronchial pneumonia brought on by confinement to bed on account of a fall.

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